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Cold room sliding  doors ideals for use in cold-stores from 0ºC (32F) to -40ºC (-40F) and for food conserving purposes. Its features:

  • Closing system with double-dip upper gide to ensure air tightness.
  • Rigid polysisocianurate (PIR) foam core insulation.
  • Anodized aluminium frame system and casing (20 microns) with termal break.

KAVIDOORS’s refrigerated cold sliding doors are supplied with a wide range of coatings to ensure the maximum durability also in agressive atmospheres; supplied in a variety of RAL colours. Specially designed for negative temperatures/controlled environments; laboratories, restaurants, meat industry, fishing industry, etc.


Telescopic frame with front thermal bridge break.

  • Innovative system of telescopic frame and false frame 40mm to adapt theoor to all types walls and thickness . Made of anodized alumnium of 20 microns , has double thermal break at the front which is more efficient . To install the frame it is only necessary to open the clear passage width plus 3cm perimeter , while competitors will need 5 cm.


Upper guide.

  • Composed of anodized aluminium and stainless steel , guides covered , guide sideways with no components fixed to the floor . Option to have the guide in two piezes to improve logistic and handling at the worksite.


Sheet with a Sanitary Design.

  • Made of folded steel sheet with no molding perimeter or welding , double fold ending sideways (better mecanical resistance and cleaning ) and semi imbedded in the frame.


Optional: Steel Sheet with PET55 µ ( polyethylene film of 55 microns ).

  • Excellent behavior in agressive enviroments
  • Tested in IANESCO Laboratory . Food grade.
  • Possible guarantee 10 years arcelor mittal.


Door handle (STUV Advance Model).

  • External handle with reinforced steel base superimposed on the blade with fixation by threaded inserts.
  • Stainless steel inner handle with polyethylene lever piece and stop for cast iron handle, fixed to inner reinforcement with threaded inserts.
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Top anti-fall guide:

  • Accident safety system due to detachment of the sliding door leaf.


Energetic Efficiency:

  • Kavidoors doors are the only ones with tests to evaluate coefficients of thermal transmittance and tightness .
  • Kavidoors doors have less electrical consumption and on plus they do not originate humidity and condensation . Test made by the Politecnic University of Valencia and the Spanish Agency AECTIR for infrared thermographies .



  • Coextrusion system with double lip with housing and pressure fixing arrow type for easy replacement..
  • Resistant to low temperatures, abrasion and cuts..
  • Easy repair.
  • Suitable food use.


Insulation core of PIR foam.

  • Nominal thickness sheet for chilled rooms 80mm/ freezing rooms 100 mm.
  • Excellent behavior againts fire and high insulation capacity that improves significally the properties of traditional PUR foams
  • PIR foam does not absorb water so keeps the insulating capacity unaffected . On plus it is highly resistant to chemical agents , does not allow moulds and bacteria growth inside .
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Cold room sliding doors Kavidoors are the only ones on the market that have anti-fall safety.


marcado CE    Certified according to UNE-EN 13241-1

The security system patented by Kavidoors prevents the door itself or the leaf from derailing or collapsing on users.



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