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air curtains for cold storage

Air curtains for refrigerated rooms, the best ally for the summer

The air curtain for cold stores is the best solution for maintaining the ideal temperature inside the warehouse, especially during months of high temperatures and high humidity.

Thanks to the Triojet system, the formation of snow and ice is avoided and fog inside the chamber is eliminated. The refrigeration air curtain generates an invisible barrier that prevents the cold air inside from escaping and hot air from entering, maintaining the thermal conditions inside and allowing the passage of people or vehicles. Having a well-conditioned refrigeration warehouse is useless if the exterior is not climate-controlled, since there is often a large temperature difference between the -20°C inside and the 37°C ambient temperature, and it is essential to have the appropriate products in each section.

It is specially designed for use on doors of industrial refrigeration and freezing chambers where there is a large temperature difference and energy losses can be very high. It is installed in order to separate the climate of one section from another of the warehouse, maintaining the appropriate temperature and humidity in the installation.

Among the advantages of having a refrigeration air curtain, it is worth highlighting the improvement of hygiene, as the entry of dust and particles from the outside is reduced. It also represents significant economic savings by reducing the need to use additional climate control equipment. On the other hand, it provides greater safety by reducing the formation of ice, which sometimes causes accidents for operators.

If you want to condition your refrigeration chambers and face the high temperatures characteristic of summer, the refrigeration air curtain is your great ally. 

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