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    The Kavidoors sliding cold storage door  is specially designed for use in cold rooms for conservation (+0 ° C), freezing (-20 ° C) and freezing tunnels (-40 ° C). Ideal for negative temperature controlled environments such as laboratories, clinics, restaurants, meat industry or fishing industry, among others.

    We have two models of sliding door for cold storage: sliding commercial door and sliding industrial door. The installation of the latter is recommended in cold rooms and access places where large doors or overhead passages are required. While the commercial door is perfect for any type of camera located in shops.

    These sliding refrigerated doors have an anti-roll-anti-fall system of the leaf, thanks to its double guiding patented by Kavidoors, thus complying with the CE Marking, which establishes the minimum requirements related to product safety regarding the prevention of occupational risks of accidents.

    It is supplied with a wide range of coatings to guarantee maximum durability, also in aggressive environments, and in a wide variety of RAL colors.


    These are some of the advantages of Kavidoors sliding refrigerated doors:

    • Corrosion resistance, even in aggressive environments depending on the finish.
    • Quick and easy installation with low maintenance. Pre-assembled door.
    • High tightness and durability.
    • Convenient access to the guide during installation, adjustment or repair.
    • Adaptable to any thickness and market.
    • Suitable for contact with food.
    • Strong and durable mechanical elements.
    • Optimal functional, climatic, hygienic and sanitary qualities.
    • Precision adjustment with 4 points.
    • It does not require auxiliary structure.
    • Self-supporting frame adaptable to any thickness.
    • PE bearings.
    • Materials in stainless steel and anodized aluminum.


    Categories: Cold storage doors.
    Aplication:Temperature -40°C to + 8°C (-40F to 46,4F).
    Materials:PIR foam, PET, INOX, lacquered steel.
    Maximun measures:3000×4500 mm.
    Manufacturing time: 2 weeks.


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