About us


Isolation projects ensure the safety of our food, beverages or medicines. These projects are guarantors of our health and require the maximum effort of the professionals involved and the highest quality products on the market. KAVIDOORS was born with the aim of leading the insulation sector and the cold-store doors, thus becoming its trusted partner.

Kavidoors is a manufacturer of insulated doors backed by a professional trajectory that guarantees the success of international projects and the strength of an industrial group specialized in thermal insulation whose origins go back to the 70s.

Our facilities, with a highly automated production process; Our innovative materials; Our professional team, with extensive experience in international projects, are not our main distinguishing feature. The true identity of KAVIDOORS is our desire to accompany the customer throughout the entire product life cycle. The ultimate goal for us is the excellence of its installation, because we know that the success of your project will be the success of our products.



To be recognized as a leading and innovative entity in the manufacture of professional doors of added value, of international scope, based on the management of the total quality and economy of the knowledge, focused on the satisfaction of clients, employees and shareholders.


Provide solutions that contribute competitiveness to our customers and respond to the demands of markets and specific projects in the application sectors: food, logistics and hospital.


Always oriented to decisions and actions of value, creating participative organizational structures and with operational excellence that guarantee the efficiency of the processes and business management. Always proactive in the pursuit of innovation.

We want to help you succeed in your project.