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Differences between chilled and freezer cold storage doors

Differences between chilled and freezer cold storage doors

One of the most important factors in industries such as food or pharmaceuticals is the correct choice of chilled doors, in order to achieve a perfect seal, guarantee the correct conservation of sensitive products and maintain the cold chain, thus preventing diseases such as listeriosis.

However, a common question arises: can I use the same doors for chilled and freezing cold rooms, and what are the differences between the two?

In this post, we give answers to these questions that sometimes arise when installing chilled doors.

Temperature differences between chilled and freezing:

Before knowing whether the same door is suitable for chilled cold rooms or freezing cold rooms, we need to know the difference between them. Chilled cold rooms maintain a positive temperature, generally between 0°C and 10°C, while freezing cold rooms operate at sub-zero temperatures, down to -20°C.

Adapt to different needs: chilled VS freezing.

To whether we can use the same doors for a chilled cold room as for a freezing cold room or vice versa, the answer is no. While most of Kavidoors cold storage doors models can be adapted to both environments, there are fundamental differences that require variations to ensure optimum performance, such as the thickness of the door leaf.

For chilled doors intended for positive temperatures, their thickness ranges from 60 to 80 mm. For those that will be installed in freezing cold rooms and that have to guarantee a temperature down to -20°, the thickness will increase to 80, 100 or 120 mm, the last two being more common.

What cold storage doors does Kavidoors offer?

At Kavidoors, we are experts in chiller doors, and we offer you a wide range of solutions for chilled and freezing cold rooms.

Sliding Cold Storage doors

Sliding Cold Storage door

Automatic or manual, ideal for quick and efficient access.
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Swing Cold Storage door

Swing Cold Storage door 

They offer a wide opening and an airtight seal.
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High -Speed roll-up door for Cold Storage

 High-speed roll-up door for cold storage

Perfect for high traffic areas, minimizing cold loss.
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Cold Store air curtain

Cold store air curtain


Complement doors, creating an additional barrier against the cold.
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Choose the ideal cold storage door for your walk-in room

Don’t risk using the same door for chilling and freezing. Choose the right solution and guarantee the optimal preservation of your products and the energy efficiency of your cold room.

At Kavidoors, our team of experts will help you select the perfect cold store door for your cold room, considering your specific needs in terms of temperature, space and people flow. Contact us and receive personalized advice.



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