Kavidoors canvas high-speed doors are designed to be the perfect dividing element between high-traffic areas, while ensuring optimal insulation. They are made with high quality materials, specially designed for intensive industrial / commercial use. Each and every one of them is managed through a fixed IP / IR type electrical panel, equipped with safety elements such as an emergency stop button or a photoelectric cell. Their fast and hermetic closure makes them ideal for heated business premises in positive temperatures.

High-speed roll-up doors

high speed roll-up doors
  • Indoor use with temperatures ranging between 5 ° C and 80 ° C.
  • It is recommended to place them in those areas with a continuous flow of goods.

High-speed roll-up door for cold storage

roll-up door for cold storage
  • Minimal temperature loss when opening the door. Up to -25 ° C.
  • Double heating system in motor and guides. Tarpaulin self-repairing function.

High speed stacking door

stacking door
  • It improves the energy efficiency of the warehouse due to its opening and closing speed.
  • Possibility of installation in large holes indoors and outdoors.

Self-repairing high speed door

self-repairing roll-up doors
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use. Class 3 wind resistance.
  • Self-healing function: if the tarpaulin receives a blow and comes out of the guides, it automatically returns to its original position.

Horizontal roll-up door

horizontal opening roll-up doors
  • Avoid the possible entry of dirt or bacteria inside the building.
  • Better climate control thanks to its high tightness in the closure. Free up space twice as fast.

Double canvas high-speed door for cold storage

doble canvas door for cold storage
  • Air recirculation system. Tarpaulin self-repairing function.
  • Helps eliminate condensation in freezing chambers and the appearance of ice inside it.
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Advantages of Kavidoors rapid roll doors

Rapid roll doors are the best option to place in interior spaces. Given the small space of its mechanism and its level of isolation, it makes it suitable for corridors, connections between warehouses, separations of shops and warehouses, laboratories, etc. Depending on the model, they can be used indoors or outdoors, withstanding class 1, 2 or 3 gusts of wind.

Kavidoors high-speed doors not only ensure significant energy savings but also total safety for both workers and the vehicles that pass through them. In addition, the high-speed self-repairing canvas doors avoid the interruption of production, thanks to the self-reinsertion canvas, in the event of receiving a sharp blow that removes it from its guides.

Some of the values ​​of these high speed doors are:

  • Efficiency – Great solution for heated business premises in positive temperatures.
  • Durability – Excellent materials to ensure the durability of industrial high speed doors.
  • Airtightness – Quick and tight closing to control temperature.
Hight-speed rolling doors
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High speed doors models

High-speed roll-up doors

High speed roll-up doors

The high-speed roll-up doors are designed for use in heated indoor rooms with positive temperatures between 5 and 80 ° C. They can be installed in any industrial sector, however, it is recommended to place them in areas with a continuous flow of goods given its qualities.

High-speed doors for cold storage

High speed cold doors

The single canvas high-speed refrigeration doors are designed to withstand temperatures down to -25 ° C. The double heating system on the motor and guides limits the formation of condensation and ice on the door. Installation in refrigerated rooms that contain a high humidity load at their entrance. Minimal temperature loss when opening the door. They have a self-repairing function.

stacking doors

High speed stackable doors

High-speed stacking doors are the solution for the division of work zones inside and outside that have high personal and vehicle traffic. Seeing resistance class 2. Thanks to the speed of opening and closing, the energy efficiency of the warehouse is improved. Self-repairing function.

self-repairing door

Self-repairing high speed doors

Designed for installation both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its self-repairing function, if it receives a blow, the canvas comes out of the guides without suffering any damage and immediately returns to its original position.

horizontal opening door

High speed horizontal roll-up door

The high-speed roll-up doors with horizontal opening provide high hygienic conditions inside the chamber, as given their design, it prevents the possible entry of dirt or bacteria. In addition to keeping the products inside in perfect condition, it facilitates the passage of forklifts by guaranteeing quick and easy access and reducing damage from collisions. Option of one or two sheets.

doble canvas high speed door

Double canvas high speed door

Kavidoors double canvas PVC high-speed doors withstand temperatures down to -30 ° C. The air recirculation system contributes to the elimination of condensation and ice both at the door and in the freezing chambers with a high level of humidity. Self-repairing function.

Hight-speed stacking doors
rapid roll doors
Hight-speed doors