Horizontal Roll-up Door

horizontal roll-up door




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    The horizontal roll-up door is a high-speed door ideal for those places where quick access is needed and where high hygiene conditions are required, such as in the pharmaceutical and / or food sector. It can also be installed in other sectors such as transport, logistics or the automotive industry.

    Unlike the conventional one, this model barely touches the ground, so the bass part does not get dirty and thus prevents the possible entry of dirt or bacteria inside.
    By having two leaves and opening horizontally, space is freed up twice as fast. With this, not only will it be possible to keep the products inside in perfect condition, but it will also facilitate the passage of forklifts, guaranteeing quick and easy access and reducing damage from collisions.

    horizontal opening high-speed door
    horizontal roll-up high-speed doors
    horizontal opening door



    Categories:High-speed doors.
    Aplication: Temperature + 5º, indoor use.
    Materials: Stainless steel / anodized aluminum, high resistance pvc canvas.
    Maximum measurements:4000×4000 mm.
    Maximum opening speed:1.8m / s and closing 1.0 m / s.
    Safety components: Bottom edge of flexible canvas. safety barriers up to 2,500 mm.
    Digital control and positioning of the door: Voltage 24V, 50Hz.
    Manufacturing time:
    2 weeks.
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