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    The Kavidoors X-ray door is fully leaded for protection against radiation leaks in X-ray rooms. This creates an insurmountable barrier to such rays. This door model is applied in X-ray rooms of hospitals, clinics or laboratories.

    Made with anodized aluminum frames with rear fixing system and telescopic adjustment. The frame is also leaded inside, to give continuity to the radiation protection barrier.

    The sash has a lead foil that creates an insurmountable barrier against the action of X-rays. Optional sash in stainless steel finish, phenolic, Estetic Clean PET and adjustable stainless steel hinges.

    The Kavidoors X-ray window is designed to be implanted in different areas: monitoring windows for X-ray, Angiography and Tacs rooms; protective windows for laboratories; lenses for safety glasses; X-ray or medical diagnostic screens for airport security.


    Advantages of the Kavidoors X-ray door:

    • Design: product with a special design thought for the radiological protection of X-ray rooms. It has a hygienic and sanitary design, very resistant to impacts, chemicals and humidity. For intensive use with great durability and radiological environmental safety.
    • Durability: adapted for prolonged use and high traffic. Resistance to shocks and humidity. Magnificent benefits of mechanical resistance and durability, using different coatings that adapt to the needs of each client depending on where it is installed and the harmful environments that may affect it (salinity, corrosion, humidity …) .
    • Installation: easy installation in new construction and renovation. Adjustable system that facilitates placement.
    • Hermeticity:  hygienic-sanitary.


    Advantages of Kavidoors X-ray window:

    • Shielding against X-rays emitted by equipment operating between 80 and 300 kV.
    • High level of protection due to its high concentration of barium and lead.


    Categorie:Sanitary doors.
    Aplication:X-RAY rooms in Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories.
    Materials:Sheet finished in stainless steel, PET, phenolic and anodized aluminum frames.




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