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ice in cold storage rooms

How to prevent ice formation and condensation in cold storage rooms

The formation of ice and condensation in cold storage rooms can lead to workplace accidents, reduce product quality, and even cause the appearance of mold on walls and ceilings. At Kavidoors, to solve this problem that causes so many headaches, we have manufactured a double-canvas high-speed cold door with heating.

Before delving into the functioning of the door, it should be noted that it is designed to be installed in controlled negative temperature environments ranging from 0 to -20 °C, especially in chambers with a high level of humidity at their entrance.

The double-canvas door features a ventilation recirculation system that ensures the air exchanged between the antechamber during openings has the appropriate temperature to prevent ice formation and condensation inside. To achieve this, hot air is introduced through a tube located at the bottom of the door, which is recirculated in a closed circuit thanks to an extractor that suctions and distributes it.

roll-up door for cold rooms


To achieve complete thermal insulation, the interior of the lintel is fully thermally insulated, and both the lintel and the door jambs are entirely lined with insulation, with the latter being heated.

Another advantage worth highlighting is its self-repair capability, thanks to which, if the canvas receives an impact that causes them to come out of the guides, they automatically return to their original position without suffering any damage.

If you want to prevent condensation in cold storage rooms, the ideal product to achieve it is the double-curtain high-speed cold door with heating from Kavidoors. You can request a quote or more information by clicking here.



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