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    The Kavidoors isothermal insulating inflatable dock shelter is especially suitable for loading docks in refrigerated warehouses where it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature. They are very resistant and reliable coats with the particularity that they offer a high level of insulation due to their automatic inflatable coupling system.

    Kavidoors inflatable shelters adapt perfectly to the surface of the truck. Once the loading operation has finished, the cushions deflate quickly thanks to the tension cables and internal counterweights.

    To achieve a perfect operating sequence, the use of a signaling system is recommended; so when the truck is docked at the loading dock, the wrap is automatically inflated by wrapping it around. When the truck leaves the dock at the loading dock, the shelter deflates and returns to its home position. The inflation system of the Kavidoors coat is the most effective and durable to ensure tightness in the loading and unloading docks, thanks to the accordion-shaped inflatable cushions.


    Adaptability:  thanks to the accordion-shaped inflatable cushions, the inflatable shelter adapts perfectly to the surface of the truck.

    Efficiency:  it is the most effective and long-lasting means of ensuring tightness in the loading and unloading docks.

    Airtightness:  when a truck stops inside the inflatable shelter, the two motors can be activated and the space between the warehouse wall and the truck is completely sealed.

    Usability: the handling is very simple. The motors are controlled with the help of a push button.



    Categories:Logistics solutions.
    Aplication:Especially suitable for situations where there are large differences between indoor and outdoor temperatures.

    Use temperature: -35º to + 80ºc.

    Materials:Nylon / PVC coated, heavy duty.

    Steel structure.

    Standard measurement:  For trucks with a width of 2,400 to 2,800
    mm and a height of 3,600 to 4,200 mm:

    • Width x height: 3,510 x 3,715.
    • Front depth: 815mm.
    • Protection tabs: side width 381mm / top height 605mm.


    Duration of inflation / deflation:Approximately 30 sec (inflated) and 40 sec (deflated).
    Others:Control panel protection index IP65.

    Monof supply voltage 220V / 50- 60HZ / 0.37 Kw.



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