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    Kavidoors retractable dock shelters are an airtight solution between the truck and the cargo building. This quality of sealing and insulation provides significant energy savings in addition to excellent hygienic-sanitary conditions.

    Thanks to its design, the Kavidoors retractable dock shelter is ready to receive most transport vehicles and has a retractable structure so that in the event of an incorrect maneuver by the truck, the retractable dock shelter, absorb the impact and return to your starting position.

    The Kavidoors dock shelter is composed of:

    • Stable structure with an anodized and extruded aluminum frame and a galvanized steel rear frame.
      The frames are connected to each other by means of arms. In case of loose coupling, the shelter can pivot up to prevent damage to the shelter and the truck. In the turning position, the truck stays in the place where the upper panel is located, fully accessible for internal means of transport.
    • The structure is covered by a continuous one-piece canvas. This prevents cracks, leaks and drafts between the side and the top. Rainwater is drained laterally along the shelter, in this way the water cannot infiltrate during loading, with the opening of the door.
    • The tarps are made of polyester fiber with a PVC top layer. The special fabric of the sides makes them more flexible in the longitudinal direction, while in the width direction the rigidity is maintained. The side tarpaulins are equipped with warning strips that guide the driver when approaching the truck.


    Here are some of the advantages of loading dock shelters:

    Adaptability: these shelters adapt to different types of trucks, goods and the degree of exposure of the building to the elements.

    Efficiency:  establishes a tight connection between the truck and the building. It also promotes significant energy savings and a significant improvement within the warehouse.

    Hygiene:  its sealing prevents the entry of dirt, dust, sand … from the outside, improving the hygienic conditions of the ship.

    Durability: thanks to the structure being covered by a continuous one-piece canvas, cracks, leaks and drafts between the side and the top are avoided.


    Categories:Logistics solutions.
    Aplication:Especially suitable for situations where there are large differences between indoor and outdoor temperatures.
    Materials:High strength nylon / PVC coated.

    Frame in anodized and extruded aluminum, and rear frame in galvanized steel.

    Standard measurement: 
    • Width x height: 3,400 x 34.00.
    • Front depth: 600mm.
    • Side canvas width: 600mm.
    • Upper canvas width: 1,000mm.
    • Thickness of the front canvases 3mm.
    • Mounting height (above truck): 500mm.
    Standard color:Black.
    Others:Execution of the parabans: 3 000g / m2.




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