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    The Kavidoors Telescopic Dock leveller is designed to facilitate the safe unloading of fully loaded trucks.

    The telescopic spring, thanks to its retractable lip, is able to go where the standard ramp cannot. In this way they can be unloaded comfortably even when the load is on the edge of the vehicle’s loading surface.

    It is especially suitable for those installations where thermal insulation, both interior and exterior, is relevant. Another advantage of this mobile lip is that it allows a better fixation to the vehicle floor.


    Efficiency: Retractable lip makes it easy to safely unload fully loaded trucks, even when the load is at the edge of the vehicle’s loading surface.

    Durability:  it is especially characterized by its internal reinforcements: 10 tube reinforcements support the platform, giving the dock more resistance and durability. Thus avoiding deformations on the surface after the continuous passage of vehicles.

    Resistance:  all the spring hinges are reinforced, thus guaranteeing maximum resistance.

    Airtightness:  when not in use, the spring is stored in a vertical position, thus allowing the headboard to close completely to the ground.

    Usability: the handling is very simple. With the 4-button control panel, each movement of the platform, as well as the telescopic lip, can be directed to each position.

    Hygiene:  the hydraulic system is totally watertight to prevent dirt, dust or sand from entering.

    Safety:  it has several safety devices: fully hydraulic safety stop; emergency stop switch with reset fuse; robust and adjustable support foot for cross traffic; black and yellow security marking; maintenance support; motor safety by a thermal relay.



    Categories:Logistics solutions.
    Aplication:Especially suitable for installations where thermal insulation, both interior and exterior, is relevant.
    Materials:Made of 8/10 tear sheet, while the lip
    Telescopic is made of 13/15 sheet metal. Treated with an anti-corrosion system and powder-coated with oven-polymerized paint. Galvanized option available.
    Measurements:2.200 x 2.600 x 700 mm / 2.200 x 3.155 x 700 mm.
    Loading capacity:6t dynamics.
    Safety components:Hydraulic safety stop / Emergency stop switch / Support foot / Black and yellow safety marking / Maintenance support / Motor safety by thermal relay.
    Operating temperature-30º y +50º.
    Others:1.1KW motor.

    Angle between platform and lip DE + -5º.

    Standard color RAL 9005 black.



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