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    The Kavidoors Hydraulic Vertical Loading Dock leveller is the perfect loading solution for installations and uses that require strict climate control and high levels of cleanliness. Thanks to this system, the vertical spring together with other components such as inflatable shelters and sectional doors, it is possible to obtain a better control of the internal temperature, reduce the risk of damage to the doors and minimize the entry of debris.

    Its vertical positioning inside the warehouse allows the truck doors to be opened inside the building, thus avoiding breaking the cold chain.

    The vertical ramp for the loading dock is made of tear sheet metal and has an excellent safety system: the cylinder’s parachute valve prevents the platform from falling in the event of a hose break or a failure of the hydraulic solenoid.

    Highly efficient by not breaking the cold chain, minimizing energy loss.


    Efficiency: reduces energy loss in refrigerated trucks. Demonstrated in a study carried out by the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

    Durability:  all the loading dock ramps have inside joist reinforcements that support the platform, giving the dock more strength and durability. Thus they avoid deformations on the surface after the continuous passage of vehicles. In addition, the lip area, another of the areas with greater wear, has been reinforced through steel hinges, which guarantee its firmness during the useful life of the spring.

    Airtightness:  when not in use, the spring is stored in a vertical position, thus allowing the headboard to close completely to the ground.

    Usability: it is easy to operate. The Control Panel makes it simple and efficient. Sequentially saving loading and unloading time.

    Hygiene: the vertical loading ramp improves efficiency and minimizes energy loss, making the vertical dock an ideal solution for refrigerated trailers and facilities that require high levels of sanitation, such as the food or pharmaceutical sector.

    Safety:  the parachute valve of the cylinder prevents the platform from falling in the event of a hose break or a failure of the hydraulic solenoid; side guards are high visibility to meet
    the normative; position indicator sensor; 76 mm exit locks prevent truck drivers from leaving the road surface; safety mast for maintenance tasks; sensor that allows the constant leveling of the dock on the truck facilitating loading and avoiding sudden blows during transit; STOP button on the control station that stops the spring in whatever position it is, during an emergency.


    Categories:Logistics solutions
    Application:Facilities and uses that require strict climate control and high levels of cleanliness.
    Materials:Made of 6/8 tear sheet for the base and 13/15 of tear sheet for the fixed lip. Zinc plated 500 x 250 x 80 stops.
    Treated with an anti-corrosion system and powder-coated with oven-polymerized paint. Galvanized option available.
    Measurements:2,200 x 1,850 mm / 2,200 x 2,400mm.
    Loading capacity:6t dynamic and 9t static.
    Safety components: Parachute valve / Side guard / Stop button / Exit locks / Position sensor / Level sensor / Exit locks.
    Operating temperature:-20º y +50º.
    Others:1.5Kw motor.

    Double acting cylinder.




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