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February 28 2024 0Comment
to clean cold storage rooms

How to clean cold rooms, hygiene, and maintenance of them

Cleaning cold rooms has always been important to ensure hygiene and the preservation of the products stored in them. At Kavidoors, as professionals specialized in cold room doors and insulation, we teach you how to clean your cold rooms correctly and how their regular cleaning should be. Cleaning of cold rooms To ensure proper hygiene […]

February 07 2024 0Comment

How to get out of a cold storage room

What would happen if you ever get locked inside a cold storage room? Would you be able to get out on your own or would you need assistance from someone else? Don’t panic! Kavidoors are designed with your safety in mind and offer multiple ways to exit in case of accidental lock-in. In the case […]

January 22 2024 0Comment
Industrial kitchen doors

Industrial kitchen – What type of industrial door to choose?

Like any industry, an industrial workshop or kitchen also has its complexities when planning facilities. Accommodating utensils, personnel, machinery, and incompatible processes in the same space is not as simple as it may seem. In the facilities of this project, there is the workshop of a large restaurant chain. And as expected, its success has […]

July 07 2023 0Comment
ice in cold storage rooms

How to prevent ice formation and condensation in cold storage rooms

The formation of ice and condensation in cold storage rooms can lead to workplace accidents, reduce product quality, and even cause the appearance of mold on walls and ceilings. At Kavidoors, to solve this problem that causes so many headaches, we have manufactured a double-canvas high-speed cold door with heating. Before delving into the functioning […]

May 16 2023 0Comment
air curtains for cold storage

Air curtains for refrigerated rooms, the best ally for the summer

The air curtain for cold stores is the best solution for maintaining the ideal temperature inside the warehouse, especially during months of high temperatures and high humidity. Thanks to the Triojet system, the formation of snow and ice is avoided and fog inside the chamber is eliminated. The refrigeration air curtain generates an invisible barrier […]

April 24 2023 0Comment
Fire doors guide

Guide to fire doors: Classification and models

How are fire doors classified? What model do I need? Whether they are pedestrian, industrial, or garage doors, there are a series of indicators that we must pay special attention to in order to meet the requirements demanded for each type of door. Fire door regulations Since November 1st, 2016, European standards that include the […]

February 08 2023 0Comment
ice in cold stores

Ice in cold stores, why it forms and how to prevent it

The presence of condensation and ice in cold stores is a common problem in the refrigeration sector and brings with it worrying consequences. Though the formation of ice is almost inevitable, it can be reduced by controlling and adjusting air conditions; installing suitable cold store doors and using the cold store responsibly. The issue of […]

January 23 2023 0Comment

How to choose the correct thickness of refrigeration panel for a cold store

Cold stores consume a large amount of energy, meaning that choosing the right thickness for refrigeration panels is key to maintaining the required temperature and achieving optimal energy consumption. The most commonly used system for the construction of cold-storage chambers involves prefabricated refrigeration panels. Compared with traditional insulation, these panels offer a range of advantages, […]

June 29 2022 0Comment
efficiency in cold stores

How to improve energy efficiency in cold stores

As if some kind of competition, the price of electricity reached record highs in past months. Many industries use refrigerated facilities as part of their daily operations. If we factor in that, in addition to the rise in the megawatt per hour (MWh) price, facility maintenance and upgrades have generally not been a high priority, […]

February 21 2018 0Comment

Smart Doors 2018: opening opportunities, closing deals

Smart Doors, the International Fair for Doors and Automatisms, premieres today, February 21st, its first edition at Ifema Feria de Madrid, an exhibition where, during the next 3 days, the latest advancements and innovations within this fast-growing industry will be displayed. More than 40 international brands will present their most cutting-edge solutions for commercial and […]