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June 19 2024 0Comment
Differences between chilled and freezer cold storage doors

Differences between chilled and freezer cold storage doors

One of the most important factors in industries such as food or pharmaceuticals is the correct choice of chilled doors, in order to achieve a perfect seal, guarantee the correct conservation of sensitive products and maintain the cold chain, thus preventing diseases such as listeriosis. However, a common question arises: can I use the same […]

May 24 2024 0Comment

Refrigeration door guide: everything you need to know

At Kavidoors, we bring you the ultimate guide to refrigerated doors. In it, you will find a compilation of everything you need to know about them: models, CE marking, responsibilities in case of an accident, and other important aspects to consider when designing your refrigerated warehouse correctly with the appropriate choice of doors. What models […]

April 25 2024 0Comment

The 9 advantages of using industrial high-speed doors

When choosing an appropriate high-speed door system for your facility, there are many factors to consider optimizing and protect the flow of people, equipment, and goods. High-speed doors, besides ensuring quick opening and closing, provide a range of additional benefits for companies looking to enhance their environmental efficiency, safety, and performance in high-traffic areas. Gain […]

April 12 2024 0Comment
mandatory maintenance of industrial doors

Mandatory maintenance of Industrial doors – Frequently asked questions

Did you know that the maintenance of industrial and commercial doors is mandatory? At Kavidoors, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about the mandatory maintenance of industrial, commercial, and garage doors that are often consulted. Is it mandatory to carry out maintenance on industrial doors? As manufacturers, we recommend checking if there is […]

March 25 2024 0Comment
cold room panel door

How to choose the correct thickness of refrigeration panel for a cold store

Cold rooms have high energy consumption, so choosing the right thickness of cold room panels is key to maintaining the required temperature and optimal energy use. The most commonly used system for building cold rooms is prefabricated cold room panels. Compared to traditional insulation, it offers a series of advantages such as quick assembly, easy […]

March 12 2024 0Comment
Fire doors guide: classification and models

Guide to fire doors: Classification and models

How are fire doors classified? What model do I need? Whether they are pedestrian, industrial, or garage doors, there are a series of indicators that we must pay special attention to in order to meet the requirements demanded for each type of door. Fire door regulations Since November 1st, 2016, European standards that include the […]

February 28 2024 0Comment
to clean cold storage rooms

How to clean cold rooms, hygiene, and maintenance of them

Cleaning cold rooms has always been important to ensure hygiene and the preservation of the products stored in them. At Kavidoors, as professionals specialized in cold room doors and insulation, we teach you how to clean your cold rooms correctly and how their regular cleaning should be. Cleaning of cold rooms To ensure proper hygiene […]

February 07 2024 0Comment

How to get out of a cold storage room

What would happen if you ever get locked inside a cold storage room? Would you be able to get out on your own or would you need assistance from someone else? Don’t panic! Kavidoors are designed with your safety in mind and offer multiple ways to exit in case of accidental lock-in. In the case […]

January 22 2024 0Comment
Industrial kitchen doors

Industrial kitchen – What type of industrial door to choose?

Like any industry, an industrial workshop or kitchen also has its complexities when planning facilities. Accommodating utensils, personnel, machinery, and incompatible processes in the same space is not as simple as it may seem. In the facilities of this project, there is the workshop of a large restaurant chain. And as expected, its success has […]

July 07 2023 0Comment
ice in cold storage rooms

How to prevent ice formation and condensation in cold storage rooms

The formation of ice and condensation in cold storage rooms can lead to workplace accidents, reduce product quality, and even cause the appearance of mold on walls and ceilings. At Kavidoors, to solve this problem that causes so many headaches, we have manufactured a double-canvas high-speed cold door with heating. Before delving into the functioning […]