Hinged Cold Room Doors

Hinged cold room doors

Hinged cold room doors designed for using it in 0ºC (32F) to -40ºC (-40F) cold storage room and for food use. Its caracteristics:

  • Insulation with rigid polyisocyanurate foam (PIR): excellent fire performance.
  • Frame, coating and insulation to ensure real energy savings.
  • Hinges of high quality and reliability; Ergonomic lock design.

Hinged cold room doors are especially recommended for industries and businesses that need to combine optimum temperature control with an intensive flow of people or goods. Specially designed for use in food industry (meat, fish …); HORECA channel (hotels, restaurants and cofee shops, also laboratories or clinics…).


Telescopic frame with front thermal bridge break.

  • Innovative system of telescopic frame and false frame 40mm to adapt theoor to all types walls and thickness . Made of anodized alumnium of 20 microns , has double thermal break at the front which is more efficient . To install the frame it is only necessary to open the clear passage width plus 3cm perimeter , while competitors will need 5 cm.


Frame with injection holes.

  • This system allows to install the frame first and inject afterwards , this methode is more convenient , robust , thermically efficient to expland the polyurethane in compresion results on higher density ) and on plus this a cleaner methode.


Sheet with a Sanitary Design.

  • Made of folded steel sheet with no molding perimeter or welding , double fold ending sideways (better mecanical resistance and cleaning ) and semi imbedded in the frame.


Optional: Steel Sheet with PET55 µ ( polyethylene film of 55 microns ).

  • Excellent behavior in agressive enviroments
  • Tested in IANESCO Laboratory . Food grade.
  • Possible guarantee 10 years arcelor mittal.


Hinges STUV Varioflex.

  • Made with gray ZINC material.
  • With 180º maximum opening angle and 120º retention position. It is adjustable in three 3D senses. Allow to adjust the slopes of the pavement.
Hinged cold room doors

Lock (STUV Optional Model):

  • Thermoplastic material of polyamide type PA6 has high resistance.
  • Inside handle security man locked in panic.
  • Double lock function of pressure or impact closure.
  • Luminescent cover.
  • Tested up to 200,000 cycles.



  • Coextrusion system with double lip with housing and pressure fixing arrow type for easy replacement..
  • Resistant to low temperatures, abrasion and cuts..
  • Easy repair.
  • Suitable food use.


Insulation core of PIR foam.

  • Nominal thickness sheet for chilled rooms 80mm/ freezing rooms 100 mm.
  • Excellent behavior againts fire and high insulation capacity that improves significally the properties of traditional PUR foams
  • PIR foam does not absorb water so keeps the insulating capacity unaffected . On plus it is highly resistant to chemical agents , does not allow moulds and bacteria growth inside .
Hinged cold room doors




  • Adjustable: Adjustable in 3 ways.  Allow to adjust pavement slopes.
  • Retention: Possibility of retaining the blade at 120º for intensive loading and unloading operations.
  • Tapetas: With security fixation for no detachment.




cold storage doors


cold storage doors


cold storage doors