The best solutions for the food sector, although they are also valid for those industries that need to keep cold stores between 0ºC (32F) and -40ºC (-40F). Our doors for cold storage, sliding, swing, roll-up, high speed or vertical lift, are the ideal solution for your installation. The excellent thermal insulation and water tightness of the PIR are combined in a product specially designed to maintain optimum functional, climatic, hygienic and sanitary qualities.

Sliding cold storage door

sliding cold storage doors
  • For access areas that require large doors or with overhead passages.
  • Great thermal insulation and energy efficiency. Quad-core insulated firewall option.

Swing cold storage door

swing cold storage doors
  • Different opening options: pulling, pushing or turning the handle.
  • Scratch, chemical and high humidity resistant. Adjustable hinges in all three directions.

High-speed roll-up door for cold storage

high speed door for cold storage
  • Areas with high pedestrian and motorized traffic, and with a high humidity load at their access.
  • Models: single canvas and double canvas (avoid condensation and ice formation).

Vertical lift cold storage door

vertical lift door for cold room
  • Designed as a solution for access areas where there is not enough lateral space but there is free height.
  • Anti-fall-anti-tip safety system patented by kavidoors.

Controlled atmosphere door

controlled atmosphere door
  • For storage rooms, fruit and vegetable ripening and storage at very low levels of ULO oxygen.
  • Blade anti-fall-anti-tip system patented by Kavidoors. CE marking.

Air curtain

air curtain for cold storage
  • Specially designed for use in industrial cold rooms and freezers.
  • Great energy savings, better conservation, reduced ice formation and increased hygiene.
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Doors for conservation vs. freezing chambers

In the food industry, one of the most important elements is refrigerated doors. And it is that, the control of the temperature is vital to keep the food in optimal conditions and guarantee the safety of the consumers. Some of the products, if exposed above 4 ° C, can produce bacteria that cause diseases such as listeriosis.

Although the majority of Kavidoors models can be installed in both refrigeration and freezer rooms, the same cannot be used for both cases, as it must be adapted to the thickness of the sheet. In the case of refrigeration storage rooms, warehouses must be at a positive temperature, while if we talk about freezing, it will be down to -20 ° C.

Depending on our needs, and in order to guarantee the best functional, climatic, hygienic and sanitary qualities, it is possible to choose to install different doors for cold storage: sliding; swing; roll-up, high speed or cooling air curtain.

Hight-speed rolling doors
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Cold doors models

Sliding cold storage door

Sliding door for cold storage

Sliding cold storage doors are designed for negative temperature controlled environments, down to minus 40 ° C, as we need in laboratories, clinics, restaurants or food industries.

It has excellent fire performance and great thermal insulation. It is resistant to chemicals, which prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria inside the cold rooms.

It can be manual or automatic. Both options include the energy efficiency of the automatic. 2 × 3 doors consume about 10 60W bulbs at full power, which means less than € 500 per year.

swing door for cold room

Swing door for cold storage

Kavidoors swing or hinged door for cold storage are specially designed for negative temperature controlled environments, for use in cold rooms (+ 0 °), freezing rooms (-20 °) and freezing tunnels (-40 °).

Unlike the competition, our swing refrigerated door can be opened by turning the handle, pulling or pushing. This system helps the daily work in the warehouse. On the other hand, thanks to its finish, the paint does not corrode or skip. In addition, it is resistant to scratches and scuffs, chemicals, high levels of humidity and cleaning products. Something essential to solve one of the problems that industries face: the wear of the door due to corrosion.

roll-up cold door

High-speed roll-up door for cold storage

The roll-up refrigeration door limits the creation of condensation in refrigerated rooms with a high humidity load at their access. It has a double heating system in guides and motor that prevents ice from forming on the door. Withstands temperatures down to -25 ° C. Minimal temperature loss when opening the door. Self-healing function.

Double canvas high-speed door for cold storage

Double canvas high-speed door for cold storage

Kavidoors double canvas high speed door for cold room, help to eliminate condensation and ice creation both on the door and in freezers with a high humidity load at their access. They withstand temperatures down to -30 ° C. It has a recirculating ventilation system. Hot air is introduced through a tube located in the lower part of the door that is recirculated through a closed circuit thanks to an extractor that sucks and distributes it. Self-healing function.

Vertical lift refrigerated door

Vertical lift door for cold storage

The vertical lift cold storage door is designed as a solution to be able to install a door in cold rooms with temperatures ranging between 0 and -40 ° C where there is not enough lateral space but there is free height. These doors for industrial cold have an anti-fall-anti-panic security system thanks to their double guidance. It is resistant to industrial environments and is optimal for the food industry and wet areas.

Controlled atmosphere door

Controlled atmosphere door

The controlled atmosphere sliding doors are specially designed for conservation rooms, fruit and vegetable ripening and storage at very low levels of ULO oxygen. The sealing of all the joints between elements generates great tightness. It has a window to better control the process of preservation and maturing of food.

Air curtain for cold room

Air curtain

Kavidoors refrigeration air curtains are specially designed for use on doors of cold rooms and industrial freezers where there is a large thermal jump and energy losses can be very high.

They create an invisible air barrier inside and outside the cold storage, thus maintaining the thermal conditions in it and avoiding energy losses.

They provide greater security by reducing the formation of ice and increase hygiene by reducing the entry of dust, insects, gases or particles from the outside.

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