Hospital door, healthcare center door

The doors for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or day centers Kavidoors, guarantee hygiene and prevent, as far as possible, the spread of bacteria, exceeding the health requirements regarding tightness, anti-X protection, ease of cleaning or disinfection of materials.

As a complement to the doors of the sanitary sector, in Kavidoors you also have handrails and wall protections.

Hinged doors for hospital rooms


  • Great resistance to impacts, chemicals and humidity.
  • High degree of tightness, avoid noise and the passage of air currents.

Hospital sliding doors


  • For the sectorization of work rooms in hospitals and clinics.
  • They guarantee high levels of hygiene and safety. They contribute to the non-spread of fire.

Hinged doors clean room


  • High hygiene, acoustic and thermal insulation conditions.
  • The rooms are hermetically sealed under pressure and prevent the spread of bacteria.

Operating room doors


  • Exceptional hygienic, sanitary and hermetic design. Ensures tightness to air leaks.
  • Both manual and automatic opening.

X-ray room doors


  • The blade and pommel are fully leaded.
  • They protect the room from radiation leaks and guarantee air-leak tightness.

Fire doors


  • They delay the spread of fire between sections. Flame resistance for 60 min.
  • Allow safe evacuation and facilitate rescue and extinction.

Wall handrail


  • Maximum comfort and safety. They fit all types of hallways.
  • They offer protection against impacts, comfortable grip and the best support for people with reduced mobility.

Wall protections


  • Maximum absorption of the impact force through deformation and recovery of its shape.
  • They prevent wear on the structure in crowded environments.
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About hospital, clinics and residences doors.

Hospitals, clinics, day centers and residences for the elderly are places where they take care of our health and where hygiene and design are essential to make our stay more pleasant.

For areas where there is regular transit of stretchers, we have wall bumpers, which prevent impact damage; For day centers and nursing homes, we offer wall handrails, designed by specialists in ergonomics and therapeutics for a comfortable grip. These handrails are supplied in more than 40 colors and 11 textures for optimal integration with your décor.

In the case of communities, at Kavidoors we have products specially designed for the HORECA channel and supermarkets, so the kitchen of the hospital or the center for the elderly will have the same products, which guarantee hygiene and health, as the restaurant more demanding.

Aware that in a center that treats health, the concern for a fire is high (due to the reduced mobility of the sick or elderly), a large part of our doors for hospitals and clinics have PIR insulation, which guarantees an optimal response to the fire.

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Sanitary door models

Hinged doors for hospital rooms

The hinged doors for rooms stand out for their great resistance to impacts, chemicals and humidity. They have an oval EPDM gasket to achieve greater sealing, avoid noise and the passage of air currents. Especially recommended for use in clinics, laboratories, nursing homes or hospitals.

Hinged fire doors

Hinged fire doors with one or two leaves, have a resistance to fire for 60 minutes and comply with the UNE-EN 1634-1 standard. They are installed in order to prevent or delay the spread of fire from one section of the building to another, compartmentalize, allow safe evacuation and facilitate rescue and extinction. Both are models manufactured under the highest quality standards and after rigorous tests that exceed the requirements in terms of safety.

Sliding service doors

The sliding service hospital doors are manufactured to close or divide work rooms in the food, pharmaceutical or chemical industry, as well as in clinics or hospitals. The telescopic frame adapts perfectly to the panel regardless of its length. This can be made of antibacterial RAL lacquered aluminum, thus guaranteeing a higher level of hygiene and safety. In case of fire, the PIR foam core that this model has contributes to the non-propagation of the fire.

Hermetic hospital doors

Hermetic doors for hospitals and clinics are the ideal solution for those spaces where acoustic and thermal insulation and high hygiene conditions are required. Recommended for clinics, hospitals and laboratories, since, among its qualities, it prevents the spread of bacteria. The rooms are hermetically sealed under pressure by having a guillotine gasket, which guarantees tightness to air leaks.

X-ray room doors

The X-ray doors have a completely leaded leaf and knob, protecting the room from radiation leaks by generating an insurmountable barrier against X-rays. In addition, they have a guillotine weatherstrip that guarantees leak-tightness of air. Designed to be installed in X-ray rooms of hospitals, clinics or laboratories.

Special doors for operating room

Exceptional hygiene is essential in operating rooms. That is why the design of the doors for operating rooms is hygienic, sanitary and hermetic. The guillotine weatherstrip system ensures tightness against air leaks and the door can be opened both manually and automatically. It is made with anodized aluminum frames and can incorporate a flush window on both sides of the window and choose a stainless steel, phenolic or Estetic Clean PET finish.

This last finish is resistant to scratches and scuffs, chemicals, cleaning products and high levels of humidity. In addition, it does not allow the development of fungi or molds, it is free of substances harmful to health, it does not crack and does not contaminate food in case of contact.